3 betting light in position of

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Gambling and golf are two loves for many golfers. Golf money games, or side betting, is very common during a friendly round among friends. How can you be a little more invested in your round? This is one of the best and most popular games you can try.

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3 betting light in position of

If a player makes a raise before the flop in LP, they could have almost any hand under the sun. That's how all decent TAGs play. Calling these raises with a strong hand of our own or even with a drawing hand like 78s puts us at a disadvantage because our opponent will have the initiative in the hand. When the flop comes, we are only really looking to fold unless we hit top pair or better.

Even then, we are not going to feel great about our hand. Not to mention taking away their initiative. Sure, making an extra reraise before the flop is going to be pretty damn scary, especially if you are 3-betting light. Don't get me wrong though, 3-betting light isn't just to try and punish the loose raisers and hope that they fold. There will be times when we get called when we 3-bet light, but that's not a problem.

There are still advantages to 3-betting light when we reach the flop. Apologies for the God-awful diagram, but you should get the idea. These sort of players are likely to be raising with a wide range of hands in this position, and so are fully capable or folding when they come up against aggression.

This is why 3-betting gives us an edge. An important point to remember is that you do not want to 3-bet light against players who are either:. In a nutshell, when you 3-bet light you ideally want your opponent to fold. This gives you an instant and nicely-sized pot and will usually force your opponent to tighten up the hands they open with from late position. If we get called and miss the flop, we are almost always in the perfect situation to make a continuation bet and take down then pot.

That's the basics of it, but allow me to explain a little further. The type of hands that you do not want to 3-bet light with are lower tier broadway hands like; KQ , KJ QJ and also weaker aces like AJ definitely not rag aces either. The problem is that if you are 3-betting with these cards, the hands that your opponent is going to call with are going to have you dominated e. However, if you have a lower suited connector like 78s, you still have two "free" cards that you can do damage with.

It also makes post-flop play easier as you are less likely to get tied in with a marginal hand where you hold something like top pair weak kicker. You are better off calling with less than premium broadway hands rather than 3-betting with them preflop. Simple as that. A pot size bet is unnecessarily large in a 3-bet pot.

The beauty of 3-betting is that it gives you supreme power in the hand. Your opponent is always going to have the fear that you have pocket Aces or pocket Kings at the forefront of their mind, so take advantage of that fear. The majority of the time a good continuation bet will work wonders though.

If on the other hand you catch a piece of the flop but nothing worth value-betting, checking and calling may be the best option. However, a lot of the time you are going to either have a strong hand or nothing at all, and in both of these situations you will want to cbet. This is a simple example:. Even if our opponent did hold a hand like QQ or AJ, it is very difficult for them to call for the fear of us holding Aces or Kings, which is why the continuation bet brings home so much money due to the 3-bet before the flop.

This article is one of the longest I have ever written, yet I still feel that it could have been a bit meatier. Congratulations if you made it this far, and I hope most of it made sense and you can understand the theory behind 3-betting lightly and how it can be profitable. Just be sure not to abuse 3-betting and you will be fine.

I'd recommend dropping down a level to experiment with 3-betting and to find your feet with it. The reason it is called a 3-bet is that the automatic posting of the blinds is considered the first bet; the second bet 2-bet is when a player raises the blinds instead of calling them; and the third bet 3-bet is the re-raising of the 2-bet. Once you get at least 1, hands on your opponent, you can be reasonably certain that you have good information on their tendencies. If you only have hands on your opponent, be very careful before changing your strategy too much.

Remember, you need to learn to play solid poker first. As beginners, many players 3-bet only very strong hands. A major step in the journey from beginner to intermediate player is understanding 3-betting at a deeper level and moving into a wider 3-betting range. There are two reasons to make any bet in poker.

The first is for value. The second is to bluff. Thus, all 3-betting will either be for value or to bluff your opponents off their hands. A player opening from the first position can have hands in their range as strong as AA and KK. However, if a second player flat calls the first player preflop, then that player has a capped range.

Because the second player would almost always 3-bet hands as strong as AA and KK, these hands are essentially removed from their range. The second player is therefore going postflop with a capped range against an uncapped range.

However, if a player 3-bets the original raise, then AA and KK can now be in their range. If the original raiser simply calls, then that player is the one with the capped range, as they would most likely 4-bet a hand as strong as AA or KK. When you 3-bet, you have an uncapped range, which makes it more difficult for your opponent to play against you. You go to the flop with the initiative and you have all your strongest hands available to you.

Strong, winning players do not 3-bet only their strongest hands. It is easy to understand 3-betting for value. When playing solid, aggressive poker, a good rule is to always 3-bet your strongest hands. This allows you to play much larger pots with your strongest hands, and it balances your 3-bet range when you want to include bluffs and weaker hands. When you are deciding to 3-bet, you must look at the hand range that your opponent is opening from each position using the unopened preflop raised statistic UOPFR.

Using a hand range program like Equilab, you can estimate the range of hands they are opening, and decide what range of hands to flat call or re-raise with. Equity just means your chance of winning the pot based on the strength of your hand. This equity advantage combined with your positional advantage postflop needs to be large enough to overcome the fact that you have a capped range against their uncapped range.

When choosing hands to re-raise in a polarized strategy which will be explained further below , you need to be raising hands that are stronger than their range value and slightly too weak to call your bluffs. It does not make sense to start 3-bet bluffing as a beginner with a hand like 34 suited.

It is much better to use a hand like A4 suited, which does much better against their calling range, while also blocking their strongest hands. For example, if you are all in preflop against KK with your bluff hand of A4 suited, you win roughly a third of the time! The additional advantage of using a hand like A4s in your bluffing range is that it makes it less likely for your opponent to have strong hands like AK or AA, because you have one of the only four aces in the deck.

Before you attempt a 3-bet, however, you need to understand the relevant poker statistics and their acronyms in poker tracking software such as Poker Copilot. They are:. The fold to 3-bet statistic is the most important one to understand.

However, at the lower stakes this will usually be higher, because players there are generally weighted towards value when they 3-bet. This will involve using a depolarized range. This will involve using a polarized range. The percentages of fold to 3-bet work on a sliding scale. This statistic can change the way that you create your ranges.

Against players who have a high fold to flop continuation bet, you can start opening your range to have a slightly higher concentration of bluffs.

The reason it is called a 3-bet is that the automatic posting of the blinds is considered the first bet; the second bet 2-bet is when a player raises the blinds instead of calling them; and the third bet 3-bet is the re-raising of the 2-bet.

How do decimal betting odds work SwC Poker is my favourite room to play at. Players like this are a dime a dozen. When you understand that the light three-bet is basically a semi-bluff it makes it easy to determine which is which. So we pick the hand with the best possible equity should we be called. He tends to over-estimate his implied odds and plays too ABC. Giving your opponent good odds and position is a mistake so let them know you mean business with larger out-of-position raises.
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Ethash mining bitcoins You can use the poker statistic tdsports online betting to 4-bet preflop F4B to help with your decision. This allows you to play much larger pots with your strongest hands, and it balances your 3-bet range when you want to include bluffs and weaker hands. If we get called and miss the flop, we are almost always in the perfect situation to make a continuation bet and take down then pot. Go back to the top of this 3-bet strategy article. Many players start out 3-betting with only premium hands.
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3-betting. First of all, what is a 3-bet before the flop? A 3-bet is when there has been a raise and then. Raising to around 3 times the open-raise is good when using a merged 3-betting strategy in position. When out of position, use a size around. Whilst there are other players that like to make the most of position by 3-betting with a wider range in late position, especially on the BTN. This can be hugely.